Our Approach

Our Approach

At LSR, we take a team approach to everything we do. You, the customer, are at the center of every project we engage. We believe that our clients deserve to be treated as project partners, and work hard to keep an open line of communication throughout the duration of the assignment. If a client has questions or concerns, we make it our mission to respond in a timely manner and realize the importance of having the information available and complete. Our team members are equipped and empowered to make those critical decisions promptly to avoid any undue delays to keep things running smoothly.

Different projects often require different areas of concentration, but regardless the scope, we are dedicated to maintaining the consistency in our process and project production. We strive and desire to be accountable to our customers. We may not have the answer at that very moment, but we have the resources and personnel in place to find them quickly. These principles have played a vital role in helping us to establish better work-flow, job tracking, scheduling and communications processes on both large scale initiatives and smaller projects. Its all about consistency.

The Top Five Most Critical Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Roofer.Buying a new roof is a huge investment and you need to have the assurance that you’ve hired the right roofing contractor. Below are a few tips to help you make the right choices.

1. Can you provide a list of references?
Any contractor can provide a good list of references, but not all projects go as planned. Ask the contractor for a list of bad references. This will tell you how the contractor performed when the job didnt go so well.

2. Can I see a copy of your current insurance certificate?
Specifically request to see copies of liability coverage and workers compensation certificates. Its important to share the insurance certificate with your property agent for coverage and call the issuing agent to confirm that it is current.

3. Will you furnish me with a copy of the proposed warranty?
Its important that you see the details in the fine print as you evaluate the terms and conditions for your warranty. In most cases the manufacturers product and material warranties are only valid if installed by a certified contractor.

4. Will you provide a maintenance program plan for the new roof installation?
Most roofing contractors will not provide a maintenance plan once the roof installation is complete. A Preventative Maintenance Program will ensure greater longevity and life for your new roof.

5. Who will inspect the final product once the job is completed?
A reputable roofing company should provide an inspection upon the jobs completion to verify that all of the work has been done according to specifications. The actual material’s manufacturers will also play a role in evaluating the way in which their materials have been installed in order to validate their product warranties.

There are many more factors that should be considered in hiring the right roofing contractor, but if your roofer can answer these questions in a positive way, your project is certainly headed in the right direction. At LSR, we have been called upon on numerous occasions to fix many unnecessary mistakes and problems that may have been avoidable had the customer simply asked a few questions at the beginning of the project. There are no silly questions when it comes to the quality of your roof!

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