What makes us unique?

We’ve been at it for close to 20 years here in North Texas as a fully licensed and insured roofing and construction company located in the McKinney, Texas area. We’re most recognized for our service and disaster recovery response time during the stormy seasons. This past year alone, we’ve experienced quite a bit of storm damage here in Texas! We are still recognized as Lone Star Roofing, Welding & Construction of Texas to those customers who have worked with us in the past. LSR Multifamily has provided hundreds of temporary repairs and a substantial volume of re-roofs throughout Texas and surrounding states.

Yes a lot of companies have attempted to wear the Lone Star, but 95% of our projects are the result of repeat business from satisfied customers. And for over 11 years now, only 5% of our total projects have required an extra deadline extension. That is an amazing statistic on its own!

While our roots started in servicing the Multifamily Industry doing leak repairs back in 1992, LSR Multifamily has come a long way! Our company has grown numerous other divisions that are concentrated in serving our core as well as the commercial markets.

LSR Commercial is concentrated on large flat roof system installations, waterproofing and repairs. Please click on the Divisions tab to learn more about the wide range of services offered.

We also operate a full service Welding and Construction Division serving our core customer bases: Multifamily, and Commercial.

We believe our clients deserve to be treated as partners and that good communication serves as a catalyst for successful results. Our industry has definitely been tainted with companies that claim to be legitimate in their ethical standards and practices, but we’ve worked very hard to establish and maintain an image of integrity and trust in the marketplace.

Honesty, quality, and consistency are the keys to success here at LSR and we believe that our project teams are the best in the business. Our people are our greatest asset and they strive daily to keep our customers dry and happy.

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